The end of summer tends to be when the heat is at its worst. It's like the summer is going out with a big bang! The end of the season is the best time to consider getting a new air conditioning system. Many dealers are looking to clear out their inventory to stock for the following year. Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® always wants to provide our customers with excellent service and affordable prices. Here is our consumer’s guide to central air conditioning systems.

A man installing an HVAC unit

What Brand to Buy?

When you start your search for a new air conditioning system, you may be bombarded with all types of brand names, model numbers, and numbers. It can be enough to make your head spin. However, there are really only a handful of HVAC manufacturers who market air conditioners under several brand names. Johnson Controls, Emerson, and Honeywell are three of the most popular. The differences between each model can be relatively small and aren’t incredibly significant unless you have a particular purpose for your system. If efficiency is critical, look for units that boast more than 98% efficiency. A knowledgeable contractor can help you pick the right unit for you.

The Installation HVAC Contractor

When you purchase a new system, the biggest difference can be made by not necessarily what you buy, but who installs it. An incorrect install can lead to less efficiency and problems down the line. To find a quality HVAC contractor, make sure to ask questions about their experience, check their state licensing, and read company reviews. All of these resources will assist you in finding the best person for the job. If you would like more information about what air conditioner to purchase and how to schedule an installation, contact Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®. Call F:P:Sub:Phone} to schedule your service today!