Electric Heat Pumps Are an Effective Heat Source

Electric heat pumps are more advantageous than you might think. They are becoming widely more popular because they don't require a fuel source to work. Instead, they operate solely by transferring heat from one place to another. This makes electric heat pumps extremely efficient. In fact, switching to an electric heat pump system can possibly cut your heating bill and home energy use in half.

How It Works

Electric heat pumps simply move air from one place to another. The best example of a reverse heat pump is a refrigerator's cooling system. Have you ever felt the hot air coming from the bottom of your refrigerator? It transfers the hot air from the refrigerator outside so the air inside is cold. In the winter, an electric heat pump does the opposite and extracts heat from outside, bringing it inside the home.


Electric heat pumps have a lot of advantages. In addition to being efficient and cost effective, they're also reliable and consumer friendly. Other advantages include...
  • Longevity - Electric heat pumps can last for more than 20 years with preventative maintenance and repair.
  • AC capabilities - During the summer, the heat pump acts as an air conditioning unit. That means instead of having to purchase both an AC unit and a heating system, you'll only have to pay for your electric heat pump. It's like getting two for the price of one.
  • Eco-friendly - Since electric heat pumps simply transfer air from one place to another, they are more eco-friendly than their petroleum-based central heating counterparts. No pollutants are released into the air, allowing for a more environmentally friendly system.
There are a lot of good reasons to change your central heating system to an electrical heating pump. For more information, call our office at (706) 914-1617 or contact us online for expert advice.