It is surprising how important a filter is on your furnace. During the cold weather, you may be using your furnace a lot. You want that warm air that is blowing through your home to be clean and healthy. The key to good indoor air quality is a proper furnace filter. Duggan’s One Hour always wants our clients to be well informed about how to check and maintain their furnace. Here is a brief summary on how to test the filter quality of your furnace.

When to Check Your Filter?

If you are using your furnace often, you should give it a check monthly. Once it is turned off, you can go a few months between checking. Make sure to have a few clean filters handy to replace it if it needs a new one installed.

How to Check Your Furnace Filter

Locate your furnace. Typically there are stickers that indicate where the furnace filter is located. You may have to use a screwdriver to remove the front panel to get to the furnace filter. Slide the filter out and look at it. If you cannot easily see light through the filter, it needs to be replaced.

How to Check the Filter Quality

When you have a furnace filter that isn’t high quality, you will begin to notice that your duct systems will need to be cleaned more often. You may have to change out your filter much more, and you may even begin to have allergy symptoms when the heat is on. If you want to ensure that you have a quality furnace filter, contact your heating and cooling professional. For more information about furnace filters and improving air quality, contact the licensed technicians at Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®. Call (706) 914-1617 today to schedule your consultation.