You may have heard of underfloor heating, also known as radiant heating, but might be unsure of exactly how it works or why it may be so useful in today’s residential homes. For example, the technology behind such systems is generally quite simple. At one point, these systems were expensive and not very efficient. Thankfully, the world of underfloor heating systems have come a long way, and today’s versions are actually worthy of an install in your home.

Changing dial on heating system


Underfloor heating makes use of numerous pieces of technology to allow the heat to flow throughout the whole home. For starters, the system includes a set of pipes that push water through the flooring. Secondly, heat pumps, thermostatic controls, and manifolds allow for the heat to be sent wherever it is needed at a temperature that creates a warm environment for those living in the house.

How It Works

Underfloor heating systems provide heat throughout the entire home by using gently warmed water circulated through piping installed within the construction of the floor itself. The water is successfully heated using heat pumps. Should the system detect temperatures falling throughout the home, the thermostatic control will kick in and additional heat can pass easily through the manifold to circulate once more. The results of such systems working together as a cohesive unit are warm comfortable environments for your entire family. The living space will also increase due to the room being free of any ugly radiators or pipework.

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