Useful Tips on How to Make Electric Furnaces Efficient

With colder months ahead, people generally expect to spend more money to keep their homes heated. Electric furnaces are commonly used for home heating and can offer several money-saving benefits over gas alternatives; even refilling a propane tank can cost several hundred dollars. There are several ways, however, that using your electric furnace can end up costing just as much money. If you are looking to maximize your comfort at home while also lowering your heating costs, here are some helpful tips to improve the efficiency of your electric furnace.

HVAC technician repairing an electric furnace

Program Your Thermostat

While 72 degrees is considered “room temperature”, setting your thermostat for 68-70 will be more energy efficient without sacrificing comfort. A programmable thermostat will also allow you to set the temperature lower while you are at work or asleep. These strategies will help prevent your furnace from running constantly, and minor changes in temperature are more efficiently achieved.

Check Your Home

Avoid common causes that lower your furnace’s efficiency. Move any furniture that blocks vents, repair weather stripping, and seal your windows to eliminate air leaks. Otherwise, all these issues can lead to your furnace working harder to maintain temperature, meaning more energy and a higher bill.

Maintain Your Furnace

As with all appliances, routine maintenance and tuning can improve the efficiency of your furnace. Components that need regular checking include...
  • Filters
  • Air blower
  • Motor housing
  • Belts
If you are checking the parts of your furnace yourself, it’s important to consult the manual for all proper safety precautions.

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