Benefits of Springtime Air Duct Cleaning

It's easy to neglect air duct cleaning. After all, it's out of sight and out of mind. But if you neglect your ducts, you could be looking at a wide range of problems involving your heating and cooling systems. Spring is a great time to have a professional come to your home and take care of your cleaning needs. These are just a few of the reasons why.

a before and after picture of a clean and dirty air duct

Better Air Quality

When your ducts are clean, you don't have to worry about allergens such as dust and other debris getting into your home. Your air conditioner continually draws in outside air throughout the spring and summer. You could have new filters and a clean unit, but if your ducts are dirty that will introduce irritating pollutants into your indoor air. Air duct cleaning will help ensure the air inside your home is safe and clean.

Improved Cooling System Efficiency

Dirty air ducts make your air conditioner work harder to keep you comfortable. This increases wear and tear on the unit, which will often shorten its lifespan and lead to expensive repairs. It also leads to energy bills that are much higher than they should be. The cleaner your ducts, the easier it will be for your cooling system to circulate air through your home.

Less Dust

Do you get frustrated because your tables and desks seem to accumulate dust too often? You might have thoroughly cleaned your home a day or two ago, and there's already dust everywhere. One main culprit could be dirty air ducts. This is not only unsightly, it could also cause major health issues for people who have allergies. Have a professional clean your ducts and everyone will be breathing easier. If you'd like more information on air duct cleaning or any other service we offer, call Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®  at (706) 914-1617 or contact us online.