Home Heating System: Boost the Heat in a Cold Bedroom

Many families have it: that one room that inexplicably feels 10 degrees colder than the rest of the house, no matter how much you blast the heat. Although you can use a mini electric heater to provide some extra warmth, that’s really more of a band-aid than an actual solution. Here are a few ways to pump some extra heat into the cold areas of your house without extra heaters.

Figure Out If Your Registers Are Properly Positioned

If your system’s registers are closed all the way or completely open, they might have adverse effects on your home’s temperature. Luckily, it’s a simple fix. Figure out what might be blocking airflow in your home and clear the way so you can maintain a comfortable atmosphere. This might be as simple as moving some furniture around so air can come inside the house easily.

Clean and Replace Your Furnace Filter

More often than not, problems with your heating and AC system can be attributed to a filter that needs a changed. Dirt and dust build-up on your system’s filters, which makes it hard for clean air to make its way through. Switch out your furnace filter and you might notice a huge difference in your home’s heating.

Remove Any Debrief From the Radiators

No matter what kind of radiator you have, it won’t work well if air isn’t able to flow through it properly. Check to see if there is anything blocking your radiator and preventing it from producing enough heat. Feel like some parts of your home just won’t heat up, no matter what you do? Then it might be time to seek a professional’s opinion. Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® will evaluate your heating system and fix any problems they might spy. To speak to a professional or schedule an appointment or call (706) 914-1617.