Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Home AC System

With spring nearly upon us, the temperatures are beginning to rise, and it’s time for the air conditioning system to kick into overdrive. For many homes, a functioning air conditioner unit is vital to their daily comfort and well-being. Without a properly functioning unit, the indoor temperatures and air quality are at risk. To ensure your system is operating as intended, it’s important to perform a thorough cleaning on occasion.

Spring Cleaning Tips

While checking off other spring cleaning tasks from your to-do list, try not to forego the air conditioner. Like any mechanical appliance in your home, the cooling unit may break down if left dirty or in disrepair for too long. Here are a few valuable tips to get you started:
  • Change out the air filter – As pollens and plants begin to bloom, your allergies may flare up, and indoor air quality is affected.
  • Schedule regular service – You should never wait for a heat wave to schedule air conditioning service. Instead, plan ahead and schedule specific times for an HVAC professional to examine your system.
  • Check Coils and lines – Even if you have a service appointment scheduled, it’s important to check your coils, drain lines, and drain pans near the air handler. The cleaner system will run more efficiently with these units functioning properly and clean.

Experienced Help

If you’re unsure of how to properly maintain and clean an air conditioning system, especially a central air system, it’s important to take the proper steps. In this case, you should consider calling in a professional to handle the task. Like any piece of machinery, one wrong move may worsen the issue and cause costly repairs down the line.

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