As cold weather approaches and you start to crank your heat up, you might notice more and more issues with your current furnace. The air might be coming out in random spurts, or you might turn the heat up but never see a difference in your home’s temperature. These problems can be extremely frustrating and uncomfortable, especially when it’s freezing outside. In some cases, the underlying malfunctions can pose a threat to the safety of your family. Although there are dozens of potential problems that can arise with any unit, there are some exceedingly frequent issues that technicians encounter.

The Furnace Vents Are Clogged

Dust, dirt and grime can form an icky layer on your furnace vents if they haven’t been replaced in a long time. Routine maintenance is a key part of keeping your furnace running, and if you start to neglect it, you’ll probably notice an influx of problems. The dirtier your vents are, the less air that’s flowing into your home to keep it warm.

The Thermostat Isn’t Functioning Properly

In order to properly control the temperature of your home, you’ll need a furnace that has a working thermostat. Without it, your furnace won’t be able to determine when heat should be produced and for how long.

The Ignition System or Pilot Is Failing

When you purchase a furnace, it typically comes with either a hot surface ignition system or an intermittent pilot. The hot surface ignition system uses resistance heating to ignite the gas burner while the intermittent pilot system uses a high-voltage electric spark. Both of these parts can fail, which can lead to a drastic reduction in the heat and efficiency of your unit. If you think your furnace might be failing due to one of the above reasons or a mystery problem, be sure to contact a reliable technician to investigate the unit. Contact Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® today for furnace repair or replacement. You can give us a call at (706) 914-1617!