Fireplaces don't just add warmth to a home; they also create a relaxing, romantic atmosphere. Even though they provide heat and comfort, many people still ask heating contractors if a fireplace a good investment for homeowners. Determining if a fireplace is a good investment for your home is a personal decision. However, as a company that provides air conditioning and furnace repair services, we can give you the information you need to make that decision.

A Fireplace Increases the Value of Your Home

Having a fireplace in your house can increase the resale value of your home. Prospective buyers may want a toasty fireplace as a feature of the home they purchase. Therefore, the buyer may be willing to pay more for a home that already comes with a fireplace so they don’t have to install one later on.

Costly to Install and Maintain

While fireplaces are great features, they can be costly, especially if your home doesn't have one and you end up adding one on later. The cost to install a complete fireplace, whether it is gas, electric or a wood burning fireplace, can amount to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Maintaining a fireplace can also be an unexpected expense homeowners don't consider. To maintain a fireplace, you may be required to check the gas line and batteries for leaks, in addition to cleaning out the flue and chimney. These are often tasks that a heating contractor cannot perform and you will have to call a fireplace specialist.

Other Things to Consider with a Fireplace

  • You can save money as fireplaces often heat up homes faster
  • There may not be ready access to heat if you don't have firewood or if the electric/gas line is broken
  • There are dangers associated with the use of a fireplace
  • Adding insulation to the chimney, door, and walls can significantly improve energy efficiency 
Whether you decide to have a fireplace or not, it a good idea to have a properly functioning heating system to help keep you warm. It also helps to speak to heating specialists who can advise you on your decision. Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® provides a variety of valuable services ranging from air conditioning repair service and furnace repair service to heating and cooling maintenance and installation services. Call us today to speak with a heating and air conditioning contractor and learn more about our heating and AC services.