Heat pumps are one of the most common methods of heating homes here in Georgia and South Carolina. Heat pumps generate heat from the air (air-source) or from the ground (ground-source) in order to efficiently and effectively delivers heat throughout your home. Having trouble deciding whether or not a heat pump is right for your home? Check out our top five reasons to make the switch!

Even Home Heating

Because heat pumps pull heat from outside, they produce a more consistent heat source within your home. No need to worry about having a blast of hot and uncomfortable air blowing through your home! Air pumps can help you create a warm and cozy, evenly heated environment

Better for the Earth

Because heat pumps use no gas, they are virtually emission free! This makes a heat pump a safe and smart long term investment for your home, but you can also take pride that you are choosing the best option for the environment as well!

No Carbon Monoxide Worry

Because heat pumps do not require any flame or fuel for heating, you can release any worries of carbon monoxide. Heat pumps are a great way to heat your home in the safest way for yourself and your family.

More Efficient

Heat pumps have been shown to be 50-70% more effective than traditional HVAC systems. Having a more efficient system not only helps to heat your home better, but also reduces your monthly heating bill!

Simple Installation

Heat pumps are extremely easy and quick to install, and they last much longer than most HVAC systems. Heat pumps can last up to 25 years with little maintenance needed! If you feel like a heat pump would a great investment for your home, or if you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Duggan’s! You can request more information with our online contact form or call today at (706) 914-1617.