Your average gas-powered furnace is capable of operating for 20 years without much hassle. An electric-powered furnace has an even longer lifespan. In some cases, longevity spans decades. More homeowners are beginning to understand that a furnace is a viable option for heating an entire home. The cost of installation is a worthwhile investment, and, with proper maintenance, a unit will last nearly a lifetime.

Preventing Repairs

Scheduling annual maintenance for your home’s furnace is the best way to reduce repairs in the long run. Your chosen technician will examine the system to locate troubling spots. Even the smallest hint of a problem can be caught early and resolved before costly repairs come into the picture. For instance, a task that requires just a few simple adjustments, such as tightening the fan belt or replacing a clogged filter, can be completed in one go. If such issues were to be left ignored, trouble may persist, and costly repairs will be in your future. Further, continuing with the theme of catching those small errors early, an inexpensive repair discovered during a maintenance visit will easily reduce the risk of three or four bigger repairs down the line.

Maintenance Tips

On average, furnace repairs cost between $135 and $422. Some repairs can even reach heights of over $1,000. Proper maintenance reduces the risk of such costly expenses. Here are some tips to consider: · Filters – When it comes to cleaning or replacing your air filters, stick to a schedule. The filter is one of the most crucial parts of a heating appliance. It’s imperative that it remains clean. · Temperature – Find a stable temperature for your furnace. The unit operates best when the thermostat is set properly; consider asking a professional for assistance here.

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