The mini-split heat pump system is beginning to gain popularity amongst homeowners in the area. Families are turning towards the innovative system for both their heating and cooling solutions. The heat pump technology has improved over the years, now capable of withstanding harsh winters and providing cool air during a humid summer. Not to mention the increased energy savings year-round. It’s a wise investment to choose a mini-split heat pump in Augusta, GA!

Easy Installation

First and foremost, the mini-split heat pump system enjoys easy installation. The entire unit consists of just two main parts – a condenser located outside the home and an air handler to provide heat in winter and cool air in the summer. Your home requires zero ductwork, making the installation process an absolute breeze. The full process is completely unobtrusive, too!


You’re after efficiency, right? Most homeowners are. Well, a mini-split system is quite efficient. Instead of burning fuel to heat your home, the mini-split system utilizes your home’s electricity. Overall, the unit requires less energy to operate, like your refrigerator. During the winter, the mini-split system pulls in heat from outside and distributes it throughout each room. However, the condenser must be elevated and kept clear of obstructions like leaves, snow and ice throughout the season for best results.


Let’s talk cost. Homeowners typically have a budget they must stick with year-round. A mini-split system reduces your overall heating costs during the winter without sacrificing warmth or comfort indoors. The largest savings stem from the heat pump being used as a primary source of heat.

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