Like every aspect of your home, your electrical appliances, lights, and HVAC system need to be maintained regularly in order to work properly. When you fail to update systems or schedule regular check-ups, you may start to run into problems that cost you an unnecessary amount of energy and money. Generally, these are the top five issues homeowners encounter when they have problems with their home’s electricity.

1. Unusually High Bills

This is typically one of the first red flags homeowners notice when they’re encountering an electrical problem. When your air conditioning unit isn’t functioning properly or there’s something wrong with your wiring, your bill will probably increase substantially. Pay attention to your charges and make sure you call an HVAC company or electrician if the numbers seem unusually high.

2. Electrical Surges

If your home is wired poorly or if the system experiences a sudden strike of power, you might experience a power surge. These surges are quick, but the more frequently they happen, the more damage your equipment may sustain. In the case of frequent surges, make sure to call an electrician to discuss the issue. There may be a problem with your home grid, wiring, or appliances.

3. Tripped Circuit Breakers

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to use several high-power items at once, like microwaves and hairdryers. This can sometimes trip a circuit breaker, which actually isn’t a bad thing; it’s your home’s way of protecting itself from using an excessive amount of power. However, if you’re dealing with tripped circuit breakers more often than usual, you might need to change your settings or talk to an electrician about how your circuits work.

4. Warm Power Outlets

Although it’s perfectly normal for your phone, laptop, and other electronic devices to heat up while you use them, your outlets shouldn’t emit warmth. If you feel that your outlets are warm or even hot, even when devices are unplugged, you may have a real problem on your hand (potentially loose wires or an overloaded circuit). This is a job for a local electrician, not your family’s handyman.

5. Flickering Lights

Flickering lights are usually the result of a bulb that’s screwed into a higher wattage source than it’s equipped to handle. Not only is the flickering annoying, but the bulb’s heat can be dangerous and even melt wiring. Whenever you change bulbs in your house, make sure that you’re switching to the correct wattage to avoid damaging your sockets or dealing with malfunctioning lights. At Sub:BusinessName}, we do more than simply install heat pumps and AC units. We’re also staffed with electrical experts who can assist with repairs, generator installations, and regular maintenance. We service almost every major brand and can help residents throughout the greater Augusta area. If you’re experiencing any of the problems listed above, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with one of our electrical experts by calling (706) 914-1617.


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