Although Georgia is a rather warm state, temperatures always begin to drop substantially at this time of year. This might be the first time you’ve cranked the heat in several months, so it’s fairly common to encounter problems during the first instance of cold weather. Your heating system may be in its prime and working fine, but if your heat pump runs into problems, then the system will struggle to keep your house at a comfortable temperature. Before giving up and assuming that your heating system is faulty, see if any of these problems are happening in your home. If so, you could be looking at a heat pump that needs to be replaced.

Woman adjusting thermostat

1. Your thermostat is struggling to maintain a consistent temperature.

Feel like you’ve been getting up to adjust your thermostat more than usual, even though you’re sure you set it to a certain temperature? It might not be the thermostat’s fault. When heat pumps break, it becomes difficult for the HVAC system to keep the home at a consistent temperature. Some rooms may stay cold while others warm up.

2. Your electricity bills have suddenly gone up for no apparent reason.

It is normal for your electrical payments to be higher during the winter months when you use your heating system frequently, but if the bills seem to be increasing dramatically, it could be the result of a broken heat pump. When heat pumps reach the end of their lives, they become inefficient and require more energy to keep your home comfortable. It’s possible that the heat pump just needs a tune-up, but it may need to be replaced entirely.

3. You’ve already repaired your heat pump a few times before.

If you’re calling an HVAC technician to conduct repairs on your heat pump multiple times, it’s probably time to bite the bullet and install a new one. It’s typically more expensive to continuously fix the old heat pump than it is to install a new one, plus it’s less of a hassle on your part. Interested in installing a new heat pump? At Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®, we offer fast and efficient HVAC installations to the people of greater Augusta, Georgia, and the surrounding communities. With our help, you can lower your electrical bills and ensure that everyone feels warm during this holiday season. Learn more about heat pumps and our services by calling (706) 914-1617 today.