A heat pump is a perfect choice for any homeowner looking to cut back on natural gas usage. Using just electrical power, you too can enjoy heating and cooling. However, you should be aware of your options. There is not just a single type of heat pump on the market. Instead, you have unique opportunities that provide higher efficiency and are more cost-effective. Some are better suited to your home’s style and layout, though.

Efficiency Ratings

Heat pumps are currently rated in two unique ways: SEER and HSPF. SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is a measure of the cooling efficiency. HSPF, the Heating System Performance Factor, measures heating efficiency and is unique to heat pumps. Efficiency will, and should, play a significant role in your decision. A high-efficiency heat pump, while more expensive upfront, has the potential to save you money on your monthly utility bills. A lower-efficiency heat pump, on the other hand, can still be an upgrade to the old model in your home.


Next, consider your environment. If you live in an area where winters are chilly but not frigid, a heat pump is ideal. A heat pump, either a split or packaged system, will provide efficient heating and cooling power throughout the year. Its ability to go from cooling mode to heating mode, depending on the season, addresses all your comfort needs in a single package. In a cold climate, however, an air conditioning unit and a natural gas furnace are typically preferable. A heat pump may still be a worthwhile option, though. You may set your heat pump to run during specific seasons, thereby cutting down on electrical use while still enjoying the warmth.

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