An aging air conditioning system may experience some trouble keeping up with the rest of your household. If that’s the case, the system will typically let you know; odd noises are a surefire sign of trouble. If you start noticing unfamiliar noises stemming from within your air conditioning unit, chances are the air handler is in trouble. Here are three ways to tell if your air handler is on the fritz!


If your air handler is the cause of all the noise, it’s typically because of air leaks, vibrations, and or loose connections. Vibration dampeners are generally installed to reduce the vibrations from an air handler. However, if the problem persists, a technician may need to open the unit and tighten the handler. You may also notice bubbling or clicking sounds if the air handler is loose.

Fan Noises

There are plenty of fans working in tandem within an air conditioning system. Narrowing down an odd noise to the air handler blower unit is often best left to a professional technician. At home, when you’re without a professional, you may notice a faint ticking or clicking noise, humming, rattling, or squeaking from the fan and blower unit.

Loud Scraping

Lastly, a loud scraping noise from your air conditioning system is particularly troublesome. If you hear scraping, turn the system off promptly. This sound is typically the worst to experience. There are many reasons for such a sound, though, not just the air handler. Schedule a technician for as soon as possible. You may have an issue with the air handler, the blower housing, motor shaft, or blower wheel. Whatever the issue, we’ll discover it!

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