Living in Augusta sometimes means dealing with harsh weather. If your home is unprepared for the ever-changing temperatures and storm seasons, you’ll likely be left in the dark. Do not be caught unprepared. A whole-home generator, when professionally installed, can cater to your needs. If keeping the lights on and the heating system running is your priority, call a professional. Nothing beats professional installation, after all!

Automatic Operation

A whole-home generator is designed to kick on automatically. When the weather outside is crazy and the entire neighborhood is without power, your lights will still be shining bright. Not to mention peace of mind. No one wants to step outside in a particularly bad storm to start their generator.


An appropriately-sized generator can run your appliances, including refrigerators, and heating and cooling systems with ease. Prevent spoiled food, uncomfortable temperatures, and other inconveniences with a generator to pick up the slack.


Price will always be a standout factor for homeowners. Everyone has a budget these days, after all. Well, a whole-home generator is a cost-effective solution to power outages. If you lose a freezer full of food, you’ll need to pay for disposal and replacement supplies. The same goes for the refrigerator. And for those who keep medicine chilled, all that is wasted and quite costly to replace.


During an emergency, when power is out, home phones will fail, and cell phones may not receive reception. A generator keeps you in touch with the outside world.


Lastly, we all want security in our homes. A bad storm and a power outage is the perfect time for criminals to act. If your lights remain on, you’re less likely to be a target for home intruders.

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