As we approach the winter months, we have heating on our minds at Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®. We always want to encourage our clients to service their heating system before the temperatures really begin to drop, to stay ahead of any potential disasters that could be avoided. For the most part, this is just a check-up on the functioning of all the critical parts, but there are also important things to be kept in mind as you approach yet another season with the same unit. Here are the criteria that call for the replacement of your system, as presented by ENERGY STAR.

The Machine Is Older Than 10 Years

If your chosen heating unit is older than 10 years, you are going to really want to analyze it this coming winter. How is it heating? Is it thorough, throughout your whole home? Is there consistency from room to room? If a heat pump is how you choose to heat your home, these are the types of questions you should be asking yourself if you’ve had the machine a decade or more. For a furnace or a boiler, you have a little more room. Their maximum age is around 15 years, and you may need to ask similar questions.

If It Has Continual Problems

If your heating system has had continual problems, you may need to evaluate its quality and the reasons for such lack of efficiency. Endless maintenance and repairs are probably an indication that there is an underlying issue; perhaps this particular unit was defective. Always keep your eye out for any recall notices. Most importantly though, this machine is probably costing you more in repairs than it would to replace it. It may be time to upgrade.

If Energy Bills Are Too High

If your energy bill is much too high for your liking month after month this winter, and it just seems abnormal, it very well may be! Your heating unit could be wasting energy by not using it efficiently, and that is unsatisfactory. Why should the machine work harder and cost you more, with no improvement to the quality of heating in your home? Consult with a professional, but when energy is being wasted at a noticeable rate and costing you money, again, it could be time to replace.

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