More and more homeowners are turning their attention to mini-split air conditioning systems. These units are small, connect to an outside condensing unit, and offer a wide range of benefits. Typically, these systems are found in room additions, small housing units, apartments, workshops, and garages. Many homeowners, in hopes of avoiding extensive air conditioning work, install a mini-split system when performing renovations. The unit will provide just enough cool air to the new room, remaining within budget each month.

a picture of an ac until attached to a wall

Advantages of a Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner in Minnesota

When compared to a conventional HVAC system, a mini-split heating and air conditioning system offers numerous advantages, including:


While a traditional HVAC system forces hot and cold air through an extensive line of air ducts, a mini-split ductless system delivers the same quality air directly to each zone in the house. A small outdoor unit and multiple indoor units with mounting capabilities and electricity keep the system running efficiently. You can specifically zone areas of your home to receive cool or hot air from the unit, thereby controlling your comfort.


One of the primary reasons homeowners are switching to mini-split systems is because of their overall savings. Recently, utility costs have begun to increase across the nation. Because your comfort and home’s temperature rely on an efficient system, monthly bills can increase drastically if something is inefficient. A mini-split system is smaller than a traditional unit with temperature-control solutions to increase efficiency.

Air Quality

Often, the quality of your indoor air is lower than outdoor air. With a conventional HVAC system, the air ducts accumulate dirt and airborne contaminants over time. These are then released into the air. With a mini-split system, there are no ducts. Therefore, the system can drastically reduce airborne dust, bacteria, pollen, and allergens.


A mini-split air conditioning system is simple to install. A traditional system may take several weeks, but mini-split systems can be installed in a single day.

Carbon Footprint

These days, we are all worried about our carbon footprint and being environmentally friendly. The small size of a mini-split system means greater energy efficiency. Furthermore, today’s systems adhere to Energy Star guidelines, making them more energy efficient than the minimum standards currently in place. Overall, mini-split air conditioning systems are energy efficient, customizable, and cost-effective for homeowners on a tight budget. With a brand-new system installed, you’ll have access to specific cooling and heating zones throughout the house. You can set your desired temperature and know that the system will perform efficiently. For mini-split air conditioning installation and service, contact Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® at (706) 914-1617. We have certified, experienced technicians standing by to tackle your air conditioning and heating system needs!