How to Repair a Heat Pump

If your home’s heating system utilizes a heat pump, then you have a comprehensive unit designed to provide both heating and cooling. However, it can often feel like there are twice as many problems involved. You have issues for the heating portion, and then you have issues for the cooling portion. To the average homeowner, such a system can be a major inconvenience when something goes wrong. A heat pump operates differently than other heating and cooling system, and troubleshooting is a little more difficult, as are the repairs.

Heat Pump Troubleshooting and Repairs

There are plenty of common issues that affect a heat pump. Some are rather simple to rectify. Others, however, will require an experienced technician to properly address. Knowing which you are dealing with can save you a lot of time and money over the years.

Winter Icing

During the winter months, the outside unit of your heat pump may be covered in frost or light ice. Occasionally, the unit will enter defrost mode to remove the ice. However, if the top has a thick layer of ice, the coils inside are encased in ice, or the whole unit has snow or ice covering it entirely, then something has gone wrong. The ice and snow prevent the proper transfer of heat. Solutions: If the unit is not defrosting, then something could be wrong with the reverse valve that changes the unit over to air conditioning mode from heat mode. In other cases, your heat pump may have a refrigerant leak that prevents it from operating at peak performance.

Summer Icing

Your heat pump should never have ice accumulation during the summer. If you spot any ice or frost on the indoor unit, then it is likely you have a refrigerant leak, clogged filter, or dirty coils preventing heat from transferring properly. Solutions: If you have noticeable ice on the system, then shut it off to prevent any considerable damage. You’ll want to contact an HVAC professional promptly. If it is a problem with the refrigerant or coils, you probably aren’t equipped to solve the issue yourself.

Constant Running

During the summer, your heat pump may run constantly if the unit is struggling to reach a low temperature. If it is a particularly hot day, for example, the system is likely unable to cool the entire home properly. The same goes for a system running constantly during the winter. The heat transfer process cannot keep up with the cold weather. Solutions: Check the thermostat. You’ll want to ensure it is set properly and perhaps adjust the temperature to compensate. Otherwise, you will have to call in an HVAC technician to resolve the issue. For all related heat pump issues, contact Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® for top-rated HVAC services nearby. You can schedule a service appointment with our certified team by calling (706) 914-1617. We’ll send someone to your home promptly to address any heating or cooling issues.