What Is HVAC Efficiency?

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Many people do not know the true meaning or significance behind the word “efficiency” as it pertains to appliances. At Duggan’s One-Hour Heating and Air Conditioning, we take efficiency very seriously. That’s why we’re taking the opportunity to break down all that it means to be energy efficient when it comes to your home’s HVAC system.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)

When discussing the energy efficiency of a home’s HVAC system, there will be two forms of measurement mentioned: the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (or SEER) and the standard energy efficiency ratio (EER). SEER has to do with the cooling capabilities and expectations of the machine. Specifically, it's the amount of electricity required to successfully cool the property over a single season, in comparison to how much cooling power is actually generated. The score is based on temperatures lower than 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The SEER reading is important because it shows the cooling status of the machine over time instead of at a glance, like the EER score.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

The energy efficiency ratio (EER) is a little different and has to do with warmer temperatures at 95 degrees or higher. What is significant about the EER rating is the fact that it takes humidity removal into account, and also indicates how an air conditioner performs under its maximum cooling capabilities. These scores are important based on the climate you live in and your heating and cooling needs.

Why Energy Efficiency Is Important

Energy efficiency is especially important because it affects multiple aspects of your home. For starters, a machine that is not suited to your home’s needs is almost guaranteed to waste energy. Not only is that bad for the environment, but it’s bad for your pocketbook, too. Appliances and systems like your HVAC unit that are not energy efficient will cost you money over time, not to mention that it will significantly wear down your machine much faster, resulting in costly repair services, frequent maintenance services, or early replacement. Energy efficiency is not something to disregard!

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