Upgrading Your Thermostat Can Save You Money – Here’s How

The average temperature for Augusta, Georgia reaches the 90s throughout the summer months. As the summer heat settles in, many homeowners find themselves spending extra money trying to stay cool. Did you know that you can save money with the right heating and air conditioning systems, as well as a new upgraded thermostat? That's right, you can reduce your utility costs throughout the hot summer months, while simultaneously maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home or office when you choose our professional thermostat services

Setting a thermostat

Thermostat Installation and Replacement Can Reduce Costs

An upgraded thermostat offers numerous benefits. These cost-saving benefits include: 

  • Home or office temperatures that are tailored to your unique needs throughout the day and night.
  • An intuitive programmable thermostat that can be adjusted from your phone. 
  • In-room control to only cool down (or heat up) select rooms. 
  • Save money by cooling or heating your home at the exact moment that you desire. 

The beauty of an upgraded thermostat is that it helps you regain control over your heating and air conditioning systems. These programmable thermostats can even be connected to your Amazon Alexa, Wink, or Apple Homekit, which means that you can adjust home temperatures at anytime with the simple click of a button or voice-activated command. Alternatively, you can program your new thermostat to specific temperatures for every hour of the day and night.

Is It Time for a Thermostat Replacement?

Sometimes thermostats can be repaired. However, in many instances, your old thermostat should simply be replaced. Do you have an outdated thermostat? Does your current thermostat lack digital capabilities? If you want to save money and regain control over home temperatures, then you should replace your old thermostat with a newer energy-efficient model. In fact, some digital thermostats have eco settings, which will help you set your home to its ideal money-saving temperature. Don't forget that you can lower your utility bills by setting your thermostat to automatically adjust to an "eco-friendly" temperature when you are out for the day. If you are ready to save money without sacrificing comfort, then it is time for a thermostat replacement. 

Save Money Today with Expert Thermostat Services in Augusta, Georgia

The right thermostat can make a huge difference in beating the Georgia summer heat without breaking the bank. Fortunately, the Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® team is standing by with expert service technicians who can recommend the right thermostat to meet your in-home or in-office needs. Our technicians are dedicated to completing on-time and high-quality installations, so that you can immediately begin enjoying all of the benefits of your new programmable thermostat. To take advantage of our professional thermostat installation and replacement services, we invite you to contact us today by calling (706) 914-1617 or scheduling an appointment online. We look forward to helping you save money, while simultaneously gaining control over your home or office's temperature.