Is It Time to Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

HVAC technician fixing an air conditioning unit
When it comes to home ownership, sometimes the things that are working never quite make it to the top of the to-do list. Unfortunately, waiting until something breaks often leads to a bigger hassle and cost. Scheduling certified technicians to service major home appliances, like your air conditioning unit, will help reduce early breakdowns and extend the life of your unit.

How Often Should AC Maintenance be Scheduled?

Annual checkups with a certified technician are a great idea. Having your air conditioner serviced in the spring will ensure it is prepared for the summer heat. You will increase the efficiency of your air conditioner with your service visit, which will make your home more comfortable during hot months when you rely on the cool air. Sometimes, any discovered problems or repairs will be under warranty when regular maintenance is kept up.

If Your AC Doesn’t Seem to Work Efficiently

If your unit is providing poor airflow or no cool air, resulting in high bills or just having trouble keeping an even temperature throughout your home, then it is definitely time for a service call. Sometimes the compressor fails or the system’s Freon runs low. Other times, this could be a sign that your ducts are clogged or the fan is struggling to work efficiently. It may even be the thermostat itself that is causing the problems with your AC. A certified technician will be able to identify the problems and recommend the best course of action.

If You See Visible Disrepair or Hear Strange Sounds

When you can see a problem with your unit or hear squealing, grating or grinding sounds, schedule a system checkup. If water is pooling near your unit or strange odors are coming from the vents, you will want to ensure there aren’t leaks or issues with bad ducts. If you need help with your unit or just want to schedule an annual service visit, please contact Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® today. Our technicians are available to help with any current issues you're experiencing with your air conditioning unit or will schedule a maintenance appointment to ensure the system is operating efficiently. Call us at (706) 914-1617 for service in the Augusta, Georgia area.