Fall Is Here – Is It Time to Get Your Heater Ready for Cooler Weather?

Improve the Efficiency of Your Residential Heating System

Heating systems that are not properly maintained can suffer from a host of problems. Total system shutdowns, poor indoor air quality, and unit fires are a few of the issues that can occur when you don't properly maintain your residential heating system. Fortunately, there are a few steps that you can take to avoid any issues while simultaneously improving the efficiency of your residential heating system throughout the entire year.

Change your filters

Did you know that the majority of homeowners forget to regularly change their heating system's air filters? If you want to stay warm throughout the fall and winter months, you need to make sure that your filters are free of debris, pollen, and dirt. As a general rule of thumb, many heating systems need to have their filters changed every other month.

Bleed your radiators

Before you can rely on your residential heating system, you will need to let the old air out of the radiators. This simple step can help prolong the lifespan of your radiators and make them work more efficiently during the cold months.

Clean your vents

Dirty vents are not only a fire hazard, but they can also reduce heating efficiencies and lower the air quality within your home. Make sure that you wear a mask and ask for professional guidance when cleaning your home's vents and ducts.

Complete a maintenance checkup every season

Before the temperatures drop, you should have the entire HVAC system checked. Wires, connectors, blades, vents, filters, and an array of other factors should be inspected before you use your heating system.

Call a professional

Are you a little less handy than you'd like to admit? Perhaps your schedule is far too busy to complete adequate heating maintenance on your own. No matter the reason, calling a professional for maintenance is one of the easiest steps that you can take to keep your heating system running properly throughout the entire year.

Extend the Life of Your Heating System with Help from Duggan's One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®

If you want to prolong the life of your heating system, you need the help of Sub:BusinessName}. Our team of professional technicians is standing by to help save you time and money. During a professional maintenance checkup, we will examine and clean the entire HVAC system. We will also make preventative maintenance recommendations that can help extend the life of your heating system, save you time, and lower your utility bills throughout the cool fall and cold winter months. Prepare your heating system for the upcoming seasons by calling us today at (706) 914-1617 or scheduling an appointment online.


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