Holiday Home Heating Risks

December 2013

The ability to keep home air flow clean is critical for family health as is a reliable, working HVAC system used for heating and cooling. However, the lowly filter is often ignored because it seems like such a simple part of the HVAC system. Yet when a filtering system goes bad, it's noticeable.

Being able to remove allergens, pests, dust, grit and fumes from air flow makes a huge difference in whether people in a home feel comfortable or begin to have issues with asthma, allergies, breathing difficulty and other similar problems. On a technical level, bad filtering allows contaminants to get into a furnace system, which can create hot material. Most will burn up in a furnace, but some can build up residue, adding to potential clogging and making the furnace work harder.

Utilizing an advanced filtration system can eliminate a lot of the potential health problems with mediocre filtering, and it can also provide far better protection from contaminants in a heating and cooling system. HEPA filters, or High Efficiency Particular Air filters, are designed to block out far more than a typical traditional filter can stymie. This includes pollen, dust mites, mold spores, tobacco smoke and some heavy gases. Further, these filters will take out 99 percent of most natural pollutants in solid or liquid form.

Installing HEPA filters in a home system is not hard or impossible. A trained technician team can design the adjustments and modifications to allow any standard HVAC the benefit of HEPA filtration. This is not a job for a do-it-yourself, however. Professional technicians can bring in the right parts so that the filtration works as expected without any leakage, gaps, or irregularities.

If in the Ohio region, our technicians can help you add the benefit of HEPA advanced filtration in your residence, immediately improving the quality of the air flow inside as well as adding the longevity of your system. We can provide the latest technical information on products and support. Give our office a call and let us show you how advanced filtration can improve your home life.