Why a Smart Thermostat May Be a Good Idea

December 2013

There was a time when controlling home heating costs meant enjoying the heater function when at home, and then lowering the thermostat when away at work or school. Then, one would return home to a chilly house, boost the heater, and in about an hour the home would be livable again. Today, that whole process is a thing of the past.

With the introduction and wide-spread availability of the smart thermostat, a homeowner can control a home temperature heating and cooling with far more accuracy than ever before. The beauty of the system is the fact that it can be monitored and changed from a remote location. This feature wasn’t possible two decades ago.

Two technological advances are behind the functionality of the thermostat: the prevalence of broadband Internet access and the wide distribution of smart devices such as tablets and smart phones. With these two tools a person can literally connect to their house and with the right software see the current temperature condition inside, compare that with the outside temperature, and make adjustments for when it’s time to go home. Additionally, the new tools allow for scheduling and automated changes so a user doesn’t have to manually make adjustments every day.

The installation of a smart thermostat is fairly easy in terms of physical hardware. The unit simply needs to be installed, connected to the HVAC system in a home, and wired to a dedicated Internet access, usually a broadband line. Further, the use of the device is visual and easy to learn, so one doesn’t need to be a computer programmer or coder to figure them out.

Features of the more advanced smart thermostats include far more than just heating and cooling control. They allow a user to control utility costs to far greater accuracy of use than simple guessing. The system can also be completely lowered when no one is in the house during a vacation period. Finally, some thermostats allow connected wiring and network consolidation with alarm services and home monitoring.

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