Are Annual Furnace Tune Ups Necessary?

November 2013

Keeping up with home maintenance, particularly a heating and cooling system, can seem complicated for the average homeowner. We realize that it may not always seem necessary to hire furnace repair services if your current furnace is working well, but we recommend an annual tune up to prevent unnecessary, high-cost emergency repairs.

Purpose of a Tune Up

The purpose of an annual tune up is simple: catch problems early so that your furnace continues to work. If you allow problems to build up, you will face expensive furnace repair services in the future.

What to Look for in a Company

It is important to use caution when you are selecting a service provider. Not every tune up is the same, and poor maintenance services can mean facing repair costs and problems in the future. Since every company defines a tune up differently, it is important that you start the search for a service provider by asking questions. Ask them to list the services that they provide during a tune up before you hire them.

The key elements that you want to look for in a tune up include:

  • Checking for leaks or blockages in the entire system
  • Analysis of the combustion gases in your furnace
  • Checking that all of the seals are tight
  • Inspecting the furnace for rust or corrosion
  • Checking the wiring
  • Checking the burners
  • Performing an amp-draw test
  • Checking the blower wheel and filter and cleaning out any debris

Along with checking the system, a service provider should take any steps that are necessary to maintain the system. At Cullins One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®, we do the job right. If there are blockages or leaks, then we remove the item blocking the system or seal up the leaks. If we discover that there is rust or corrosion, then we take steps to correct the problem before it gets worse.

A tune up is important when you want to maintain your heating and cooling system properly. It prevents emergency furnace repair services and it allows you to feel confident that your system is running smoothly.