November 2013

Cold weather is approaching fast. When the cold Ohio winter begins, it is time for your furnace to start working to warm up your home and help you stay comfortable. Before the temperature takes a dive, it is important to make sure you don't need furnace repair. If your furnace isn't working the way it should be, you may need a new furnace. Consider the following to determine if you should replace your furnace instead of getting it repaired.

Check Your Heating Bills

The cost of heating fuel fluctuates, just like any other type of fuel. This means your utility bills will not always be consistent. However, checking over your old bills can help you determine if you need furnace repair or need to consider a replacement. If your heating bills have gone up or they are higher than you are comfortable with, it may be time to look for a more energy efficient model. You could save significant amounts of money by replacing a less efficient furnace, making the cost of the unit well worth it.

Age of the Furnace

If you take good care of your furnace, you should be able to count on effective heating for many years, often as much as 25 years. As your furnace ages, the necessity of occasional furnace repair is normal. This does not necessarily mean you need to think about replacing the unit. Calling our professionals to conduct an inspection every year will ensure your furnace is running as it should. If any problems are identified during this inspection, we can help you determine if it can be repaired or if your furnace is old enough to need a full replacement.

Get an Energy Audit

Your energy company should offer an energy audit to homeowners who are interested in reducing their utility bills, especially during the cold winter months. Before you call our professionals for furnace repair or replacement, it can be beneficial to request an energy audit of your home. In some situations, your home could be losing energy because of leaky windows or other issues. When these are resolved, you may find your furnace works well without a replacement.

The idea of replacing a furnace can be intimidating due to the cost and the hassle. As you consider whether you need furnace repair or if it should be replaced, it is best to talk to our professionals. We can guide you through the process and help you make the best decision for your home.