April 2014

With summer just around the corner, you may have to decide whether to replace or repair your air conditioner, especially if it has broken down. There are costs and benefits depending on each situation. However, many services will try to pressure you into doing whatever is best for them. Know the facts before you decide to make a costly repair or replacement.

For starters, look at the age of your equipment. If it was purchased in 1992 or earlier, you are probably going to want to replace your air conditioner even if it is not yet in need of a repair. Air conditioners from that period are far less energy-efficient, usually with a Seasonal Energy Efficient Rating (SEER) of 8 or even less, and will be costing you money on electricity bills. You can see savings up of to 60 percent on your bill by purchasing newer models that are much more efficient. On average, most air conditioners should be replaced after eight to twelve years, as breakdowns tend to occur more frequently after that time.

Another circumstance when you should consider replacing your air conditioner is when the compressor is broken. This component is an expensive core part of your system, and if it no longer works, it likely means other parts of the system will shortly need repairs as well. Although it can sometimes be cheaper to repair this than buying a whole new system, one can still save money on energy expenditures and the hassle of future repairs by purchasing a new system that is under warranty.

Your best option is relying on a qualified technician from a reputable company when deciding what to do with your system. They can examine your air conditioner and let you know what problems are present and what steps should be taken. Some older systems that have been well maintained may simply need a few repairs whereas newer systems may have severe problems that warrant purchasing a whole new system. Ultimately, you need to take into consideration your personal, financial, and environmental needs, and then make the decision that works best for you. Contact us today and we can help you make an informed choice that fits your needs.