August 2014

Hot summer weather results in high electricity bills for many Ohio residents. Maintenance, repairs and air conditioning unit replacements can add to the cost. The situation becomes more complicated when multiple roommates share the same house or apartment. Everyone can tolerate different amounts of heat, and it often proves difficult to determine how much each person should pay. These AC etiquette tips can help.

  1. Try to establish a set of air conditioning rules as early as possible. For instance, three roommates might agree not to set the AC unit's thermostat any lower than 80 degrees. Another option is to restrict air conditioner usage to certain times of the day, night or week. Everyone must have some willingness to compromise.
  2. Agree to split up the electric bill evenly, but only if everyone follows the rules. A roommate who insists on keeping his bedroom as cold as a refrigerator ought to pay a somewhat larger share. This may become a source of conflict, so it's a good idea to question new roommates about AC usage and etiquette before letting them move in.
  3. Remind roommates about techniques that keep hot air outside and maximize cooling. For example, it's usually best to keep windows shut during most of the day and open them at night. In the morning, close the windows after the outdoor temperature rises above the indoor thermostat reading. Switching off unnecessary lights will also help.
  4. To prevent arguments about cooling costs, try to conserve electricity when possible. Use portable fans on moderately warm days, and run the AC unit on fan-only mode during cool nights. If no one else is at home, consider saving power by spending some time in a nearby air-conditioned shop, restaurant or bar.
  5. Minimize the total expense and avoid breakdowns by carefully maintaining the AC equipment and any air ducts. It takes more energy to pull air through a clogged filter, so monthly cleaning or replacement is vital. If they share the same air conditioner, roommates should be willing to split the cost of maintenance.

Although we may not be able to help people agree on the perfect indoor temperature, the professional technicians at Cullins One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® know how to maintain AC equipment so that it runs safely and efficiently. We provide top-notch filters, repairs and central air installation. To arrange a convenient service call, please dial (614) 942-5218 today.