August 2014

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on fuel to stay cool this summer. If you’ve already maximized your home’s energy efficiency, stay cool for less with these clever tips.

1. Keep it iced.

Chilled beverages cool down your body better than almost anything else. Store drinking glasses in your freezer for a frosty cool beverage every time. Use ice cubes in all your drinks. Consider making snow ice in your blender and dribbling fresh fruit juice on top for a refreshing summer soft drink.

2. Keep it dark.

On a gorgeous summer day it’s tempting to fling open the curtains and open the blinds. But the sun’s hot rays will warm the interior of your house very quickly. During the day, keep blinds turned down so light comes in from the bottom rather than the top. Use valances over windows treatments to block light from the sun when it’s highest in the sky.

3. Install awnings.

Exterior window awnings don’t work aesthetically with every house style, but they work with most. Window awnings will keep your windows from being exposed to the worst of the sun’s rays. Retractable deck awnings are available in both manual and motorized models. These will not only cool off your deck but the room that leads to your deck.

4. Landscape for shade.

Plant shrubbery and trees that will shade your home as well as give it curb appeal. Mature shade trees are available direct from quality landscapers, so if you’re not in the habit of gardening, you don’t have to start now. Consider installing an arbor with abundant vines to shade your front entryway. Arbor vines can be flowering or not, depending on what you buy.

5. Keep it flowing.

Increasing air flow in your home via open windows and fans can make a dramatic improvement in its cooling capacity. If you have an upstairs, open a window and place a fan so that it is drawing air from the inside out. Creating a cross-breeze inside your home by opening windows or screen doors will keep you comfy and cool.

6. Change textiles.

In summer, change out your linens, textiles and rugs. Beds should be dressed with percale sheets, and curtains should be changed to light fabrics that won’t hold the heat. Dress yourself in lighter clothing, too, and choose natural fabrics that breathe, such as cotton or linen.

For more economical ways to stay cool, contact the experts at Cullins One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®.