Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Insulate Your Home Before Getting a New Furnace

A dependable furnace is important for your home. But being sure your house has proper insulation is the best way to maximize your heating system and make sure your family stays warm this winter. Here are the top five reasons why you should insulate your home before getting a new furnace: 

  1. Your furnace will run more efficiently. The better insulated your home, the less work your furnace has to do to heat it, since most of the heat it generates stays inside. A more energy-efficient heating system can mean a smaller environmental impact.

  2. You'll save money. Since heat generated from a furnace is retained better in a well-insulated home, you won't be paying for heat that just escapes. This will save your family a considerable amount of money on heating bills. A properly insulated home means you may be able to buy a smaller furnace, too, which saves you money on the front end.

  3. You and your family will stay more comfortable. A well-insulated home allows a furnace to do its job better, resulting in fewer temperature spikes that can leave you super hot or freezing cold. Plus, having a well-insulated home is one way to help keep heat out of your house in the hot summer months, too. 

  4. Your home's air quality will be better. By properly sealing and insulating a house, air pollutants will have a harder time getting indoors. The flow and moisture of your home's air is more easily regulated, as well, which can make a positive impact on your family's health, especially if anyone has allergies or breathing problems. 

  5. Your furnace will last longer. A furnace in a poorly-insulated home may heat up the house too fast because it's working extra hard in an inefficient system where heat continually escapes. The temperature set on the thermostat will be reached quickly, causing the furnace to shut off rapidly. This on-and-off cycle is sort of like revving the engine in your car or only driving the car for short distances. A furnace in this scenario wouldn't have a chance to properly warm up, which can be hard on the equipment. A well-insulated home ensures that your new furnace not only works well, but that it works for a long time, too.