Should You Repair or Replace Your Air Conditioner?

July 2014

Homeowners cringe when the air conditioner hiccups during the hottest months of the year. Our air conditioning technicians know that expensive repairs can compete with the summer vacation budget. Careful inspection of the unit is a prerequisite for any recommendation, but here are a few things to keep in mind when considering whether to repair or replace your air conditioner.

When to Replace

Usually, an air conditioning unit must be replaced because the broken part is no longer available or the repair would cost more than a replacement. Homeowners will be shown the broken part and shown comparable units that would cool the house efficiently. Any unit built before 1992 is only approximately 65 percent efficient. Our technicians encourage homeowners to consider a new unit to heat and cool their home more efficiently while lowering energy costs. Failure of the compressor is equivalent to a heart transplant. The homeowner will be encouraged to replace the entire unit with an efficient model that will far outperform the original.

Repairs Preferred

The failure of any part that is under warranty dictates repairing the unit and calibrating it for peak efficiency. Summer is the busiest time for our repair technicians, so early calls for an appointment will avoid panic when the temperature approaches or exceeds 100 degrees. Availability of parts under warranty would be the only limitation on AC repair. Extensive access to many different replacement parts ensures that our customers will not wait long for the replacement of a failed part. Air conditioners with a long remaining lifespan are almost always repaired.

Efficiency Trumps Initial Cost

Replacement of an older air conditioner opens doors of possibility for the homeowner. Inefficient units should be replaced with high-efficiency units at the first opportunity. Savings on energy bills will pay for the unit in a few years. Comfort inside the home is essential since many people have allergies that require protection from open windows where allergens can enter.

Final Choice

Trusted technicians will offer many suggestions when an air conditioner is not performing as expected. Various options will stand above the rest when weighing costs against long-term gains. Air conditioning units have an expected lifespan that can be extended through proper maintenance and protection against the elements during the cold months of the year.