The Most Common HVAC Problems

July 2014

Dealing with HVAC problems in the home is not always simple; especially if you do not have experience with handling heating and cooling issues on your own. Understanding the most common HVAC problems that occur today is a way to determine which route is best to get the repairs you need done in a timely manner.

Clogged Filters

It is imperative to check your furnace filters at least twice each year to review how dirty or clogged they have become. When you have clogged filters, it is much more difficult for warm air from your furnace to circulate throughout the house while still overworking the furnace itself. Cleaning clogged filters can be done manually for reusable mesh filters, and also by purchasing brand new replacement filters.

Not Enough Maintenance

A lack of maintenance is often the biggest contributor to problems that develop with heating and cooling units over time. Replacing filters, checking air flow and ensuring all parts are in working order each year can help to avoid expensive repairs and replacements if the units go without proper maintenance.

Thermostat Problems

Another common issue experienced with HVAC includes thermostat problems. When your thermostat is not working properly or connected right, it may appear that your furnace or air conditioning unit is not working when the root cause is the thermostat itself. Most often, thermostat issues stem from wiring problems, which causes the thermostat to ignore any temperature in the home altogether.

Ignition Controls and Pilot Light Troubles

Check the pilot light within your furnace to ensure it is still lit. Many HVAC problems stem from an unlit pilot light or ignition troubles. If you are unable to re-light the pilot light in your furnace, you may require professional assistance to repair the issue or replace specific parts of the unit. Be sure to review the manual of your furnace if it is available prior to attempting to work with the pilot light without professional assistance.

Wear and Tear

With time, wear and tear is common with air conditioning units along with furnaces. Motors, bearings, and belts can break or require replacements over time, requiring maintenance year-round to ensure your air conditioning and heating is working properly without issue.

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