Advantages of Home Solar Panels

June 2014

These days, an increasingly large number of homeowners have begun turning to solar panels as a means of powering their homes. Since energy costs are at all-time highs with seemingly no relief in sight, homeowners are turning to more affordable and environmentally friendly ways of powering their homes. If you're one of the many considering the option of having home solar panels installed, you may be wondering whether the advantages outweigh the initial investment. Here are just a few of the main benefits of converting your home to solar power.

Significant Energy Savings

Once your home's solar panels are installed, you could save 50%- 100% on your electric bill. The specific amount you'll save varies based on how large of a solar panel system you have installed. Some homeowners opt for a system that's large enough to power the entire home, while others choose one that will supplement an existing electric connection. Either way, you'll likely save hundreds to thousands of dollars per year until the initial investment eventually pays for itself.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Solar power is a renewable resource that doesn't cause any harm to the environment. Once your solar panels are in place, you'll begin enjoying a natural form of energy production in your own home. As a result, you can drastically reduce your home's carbon footprint and help the planet out in the process. Thus, solar panels are a wonderful option for those looking to go green while saving some green in the long run.

Increase in Home Value

If you're thinking about selling your home at any point in the next decade or so, having solar panels can be a huge selling point. These days, prospective homebuyers look for energy-saving (and thus money-saving) features. Specifically, homes with solar panel systems tend to sell 15% faster on the market than those without solar panel systems. Furthermore, solar panel systems add an average of $17,000 to a home's total value, making them a great investment that can certainly pay off in the long run.

If you've been thinking about installing solar panels for your home, perhaps now is the time to make it happen. In the meantime, if you need assistance with any of your home's heating and coolingsystems, be sure to turn to us for the reliable and quality workmanship you expect.