May 2014

Allergy season can be hard to ignore because you may spend hours sneezing, coughing, or dealing with other symptoms. Recognizing the mistakes you may be making that can contribute to your symptoms can help you make positive changes to improve your indoor air quality.

Opening Windows

Pollen and dust come in through the windows of your home, particularly when pollen counts are high. By opening windows, you are allowing allergens into your house and ruining the indoor air quality.

Instead of opening windows, turn on your AC unit so it is only circulating and filtering the air. If your unit is not working after the winter months, our professionals can provide AC repair services to ensure it is possible to filter out allergens while keeping you comfortable.

Forgetting to Change the Filter

The filter in your heating and cooling system is an important part of maintaining indoor air quality. When you are using the filter, close all of the windows and doors.

Ideally, you should have your filter checked at least once per year. Our AC repair professionals can check the system and change the filter so your air quality improves.

Exercising in the Morning

Morning and early afternoon are not good times to exercise. It is the time when trees and other plants release the most pollen into the air. Instead, wait until evening to enjoy outdoor exercises.

Ignoring Pollen Counts

Perhaps one of the biggest allergy mistakes that you can make is ignoring pollen counts and the particular counts that relate to your allergies.

Find out what you are allergic to by seeking the assistance of an allergist. Once you know the plants that cause your allergies, pay attention to pollen counts for that plant during the allergy season. High pollen counts increase the risk of developing allergy symptoms.

Allowing Pets on your Bed

Even if you are not allergic to your dog, cat, or bird, you may still be allergic to the pollen, dirt, and other materials that your pets bring in from their time outdoors. Instead of spending the night sneezing, keep your pets out of your room.

Mistakes you make during the allergy season can contribute to your symptoms. By taking measures to ensure you have great indoor air quality and avoiding outdoor activities during times you are most likely to suffer from allergic reactions, you can reduce the number of symptoms you experience.