Temperature Zoning: The New Age of Temperature Control

May 2014

Technology only gets better with the constant changes being made in the new digital age. Setting the temperature of the air conditioning and heating system seems fairly easy with a handy, pocket-size remote control. You can sit in your recliner, aim your remote and adjust the temperature without standing up. As convenient as this may seem, there are other new-age temperature control systems that are even more advanced than the all-powerful remote control.

What Are the New-Age Controllers Types?

The new gadgets coming out are like devices out of science fiction movies. They might be able to do anything from making coffee to transporting atoms and arranging molecules. With the new age temperature control features, you can access your digital heating and cooling unit from your iPad, smartphone or other handheld, portable device such as a laptop or computer.

Whether you are next door at the neighbor's house, outside partying with the kids or on your way home from work, you can set the atmosphere at home before you arrive. Your portable electronic device gives you access to your appliances 24-hours per day, seven days per week. On really hot days when the temperature is scorching hot, you can set the air conditioning unit to a certain temperature 15 minutes before you walk through the door.

When it’s cold outside and you need to jump in the shower, just set the temperature to a comfortable level, and start undressing when you walk through the door. The new-age temperature control is accessible through a secure website, where you can download the app. These new apps are designed to save you time and money, while keeping you updated with the latest technology improvements.

Unprecedented Savings on Heating and Cooling Bills

One manufacturer estimates a total savings of nearly 24% on heating charges and 21% on cooling. Highly sophisticated systems warn you when problems arise on the home front. You get alerts, friendly service reminders and system warnings to help you stay safe. You will know when to replace your furnace filter, when you need an AC repair, when the furnace stops functioning and when there is a change in the temperature setting. With new-age temperature control, there is no need to run back home and set the HVAC unit or turn it off. Do it all from any remote location where you have Internet access.