November 2014

As the winter months quickly approach, it becomes ever more important for homeowners to have good gas furnaces. Sometimes it's easier to replace a malfunctioning furnace than it is to repair or retrofit it. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of gas furnaces available to fit the needs of virtually anyone. One of the most important traits a furnace can have is high Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). This unit measures the percentage of the furnace's heat that ends up blowing out the vent, which can greatly affect your heating and cooling bill.

The Carrier 59MN7 Infiniti 98

This gas furnace features an impressive 98.5% AFUE. This is an extremely quiet unit with a variable-speed blower. This means the blower starts off with moderate speed and gradually increases.

Armstrong A97MV Gas Furnace

This furnace was on Energy Star's list last year. It features some impressive technology such as a variable-speed blower. It also features technology that's more impressive such as EHX technology, which decreases hot spots within the heat exchanger. This innovative feature increases the life of the furnace, giving you peace of mind.

Amana AMVM96 Gas Furnace

This furnace provides 96% efficiency. This unit is also relatively quiet, and the lifetime warranty on the heater exchange covers the entire furnace. This fact alone makes this one of the best furnaces available, because replacing a unit can be quite expensive.

Coleman Echelon Series CP9C

This is another extremely efficient unit, boasting an impressive 98% AFUE efficiency rate. Like all high-efficiency models, the CP9C features a secondary heat exchanger. This auxiliary heat exchanger captures much of the heat lost by the primary heat exchanger.

Heil QuietComfort EC 97 Observer Gas Furnace

When it comes to comfort, this unit is one of the best. Not only is it very quiet, it has an advanced variable-speed blower that makes temperature imbalance a thing of the past. The EC 97 is also 97% efficient, making it one of the best all-around units there is.

Efficiency and noise are a few factors to consider when you shop for a new gas furnace. You must also consider the amount of space they consume, because you might not have enough room. Of course, price must also be taken into consideration to find the best furnace for you. If you have questions about the best furnace for your needs, contact us at Cullins One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®.