Homes are a major source of energy consumption. This is the result of a of various appliance usages. This includes operating a refrigerator, microwave, television, lighting, dishwashers, dryers, and, of course, air conditioning. Air conditioning and heating are some of the most energy demanding systems in a home. Technology has recognized this need and developed WiFi thermostats to allow residents to control heating and cooling by accessing their thermostat anywhere connected to the Internet.

Why is this valuable? At first glance, many do not recognize the tremendous value this can have on reducing energy consumption and money savings. 

All too often, in an attempt to save energy, residents simply forget to adjust their thermostat before they leave their homes. Also, even if a thermostat is scheduled, there are times in which weather changes or residents go on vacation and have no ability to adjust their thermostat. A Wifi thermostat offers a solution because you can access the thermostat remotely and make the necessary changes. Having the ability to do this from anywhere increases the likelihood that residents will be more active in managing their cooling and heating energy consumption. 

Two of the most used Wifi thermostats are made by Honeywell and Nest. Each have apps for users to control functions remotely via their smartphones. These can be easily installed by any technician or your home improvement guru, and depending upon your HVAC might require a few adjustments. These devices are then routed through the WIfi network, and once access is granted to connect to the device, it will be capable of full control from the Internet. If you have an iPhone and just love Apple products, the Nest is for you - Apple recently purchased this company and the device has a sleek design.

If you are considering implementing a wifi thermostat in your Ohio home, contact one of our professionals to learn more about the process. We offer full service and installation for your home cooling and heating. We look forward to hearing from you so that we can assist you in better heating and cooling management for your home. It is not only better for the environment to reduce energy consumption, but a lower electric bill saves money too!

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