Why Your A/C Is Blowing Hot Air in Your Home

Under normal circumstances, you can count on your air conditioner to keep you cool and comfortable inside even during a heat wave. But, sometimes things go wrong, causing your air conditioner to malfunction. If your air conditioner is blowing hot air into the room instead of a frosty breeze, you have a problem, but there is no need to panic. While some issues require a professional A/C repair, some are simple fixes you can do on your own.

Thermostat Settings

Sometimes the answer is as simple as resetting the thermostat. Check that your air conditioner is set to auto and that the temperature is set to cool. Forgetting to adjust the thermostat from warm to cool when summer arrives is a common mistake. Your thermostat settings can also get changed if someone accidentally bumps into it or if little fingers decide to play with the dials. The “on” setting causes the fan to continue to run even when the air is not being cooled. The “auto” setting causes the fan to turn on only when the air is being cooled. Reset the thermostat settings and wait a few minutes to see if you feel cool air from the unit. Always check the thermostat settings when you switch from heating and cooling.

Dirty Air Filters

The air filter on your air conditioner filters dust and pet hair from the air to prevent damaging the unit or circulating debris in the air. When dirt and debris clog the filter, it blocks airflow. Without adequate airflow, the condenser coils in the air conditioner can freeze. A frozen condenser cannot cool the air efficiently. If your condenser freezes, turn the air conditioner off for two hours to allow it to thaw. Replace or clean the filters, then turn on your air conditioner and test for cool air.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are located on the outside of your air conditioning unit. The refrigerant flows through the coils to cool the air before the fan blows the cooled air into you home. A buildup of dirt and grime can prevent the condenser coils from doing their job, resulting in warm air blowing into the home. Bushes, weeds and other debris can also block airflow to the condenser. Cut bushes and weeds within two feet of the air conditioning unit and keep the area free from debris. Remove fallen leaves or pine needles from the air conditioning unit regularly and get your unit serviced at least once a year to keep it in good working order and prevent the need for an emergency A/C repair.