If your furnace isn't working properly, it can be alarming and hazardous to your health. One of the common signs of a problem with your furnace is if it's blowing cold air. This problem could be caused by a wide number of reasons. Continue reading to learn more about the most common reasons for your furnace to be blowing cold air.

Thermostat Setting

If your furnace is blowing cold air, the first place to start is your thermostat. If you discover your thermostat fan is set to "On," the furnace blower will continue to blow even if the furnace is not on. To solve this problem, simply turn your thermostat fan to "Automatic." Changing this setting will cause your thermostat fan to only run when the furnace is on, which will make it blow warm air.

Dirty Air Filter

Another potential problem is that your furnace may have overheated. If this has happened, the furnace's safety function has caused the burners of the furnace to turn off. The blower is important because it blows cooler air over the furnace to keep it at a safe operating level. The most common reason furnaces overheat is dirty filters. When your furnace has dirty filters, this blocks airflow and causes the furnace to run much longer than necessary. In many cases, the furnace runs until it overheats. To solve this problem, simply change your air filter and wait to see if your furnace blows warm air. In any case, if you continue to allow your furnace to overheat, it will ruin the heat exchanger, which will be significantly more expensive to replace than the filter.

The Pilot Light

Another common reason your furnace may be blowing cold air is a problem with your pilot light. In this case, it's best to have your trusted heating repair company diagnose the problem. However, it could be any of the following common pilot light problems:

Not Enough Gas

Your gas supply could be off or not providing enough gas to the unit. These problems can cause the unit to lock down for safety reasons.

Ignition Problem

If your furnace doesn't light the fuel, it can't heat your home, which would indicate a problem with your ignition system.

Condensate Clog

Some of the newer, more efficient furnaces feature condensate drain lines, which get rid of the water formed as a result of the heating process. When this line gets clogged, it can cause your burners not to light.

Duct Problems

Leaks and holes in your ducts can make it feel as if your furnace isn't working.

If your furnace is blowing cold air and you need a solution, contact us today for a consultation.