Steps to Keep You Safe During Your In-Home Service Visit

We recognize the tough position many South Texans are in during these uncertain times and the impact it can have on our families and businesses. We know that our community relies on us for in-home comfort needs and it is our responsibility to provide essential services to all of you in our Corpus Christi area community.

“As an essential service to our community, we have added precautions in place in order to safely serve our clients,” says Mark Wendland, General Manager.

Our Office Is Still Open for Service, and We Are Still Here for You

One Hour Corpus Christ staff

You can rest assured that if your HVAC system fails you when you need it most, we are here to safely serve you.

Whether you need your season tune-up or a major repair to your home’s HVAC system, you can call us at 361-245-3945 to schedule your appointment or request an appointment online.

  1. Clear entry ways and paths, turn on all lights and open any doors that lead to the area and equipment that will need to be serviced
  2. To reduce the surfaces we may touch, clearing the area surrounding the space your One Hour technician will be working in is suggested.
  3. While we love your pets, we care about your safety and health more. Securing your pets in a separate room is a big help!
  4. Since we are no longer shaking hands, a social distancing thumbs up or a smile is always welcomed 😊
  5. After your visit: reduce contact by using your phone to view estimates or invoices and sign electronically. We also accept credit card payments.

Click here to review our precautions.