Signs You Need a New Air Handler

An air handler is a critical component of any heating and cooling system. It connects to your ductwork and helps distribute air throughout your home. Some air handlers direct air without the need for ducts. If yours is having problems, you should seriously consider calling a professional to have it checked out. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Elk Grove would like to share some information so that you’ll be alert to the signs that your air handler may need repair.

A Reduction in Efficiency

If your heating and cooling bills are suddenly higher that may mean your system is having to work a great deal harder to provide the same level of comfort. One reason this could be happening is that your air handler is having a problem. If you find that your rooms aren’t being heated or cooled evenly, that may be an indication your air handler needs to be replaced.

Your Indoor Air Quality has Worsened

If this is the case, then the filters within the air handler may no be working correctly. This could be because of a simple clog or the filter needs to be replaced. Call  (847) 744-9447 to have this issue checked.

Banging or Rattling Sounds

This could mean that a component has come loose within the air handler. It could be something that can be fairly easily repaired, but it could also mean you’d be better off having it totally replaced. Stay on the safe side and contact a technician to determine the extent of the issue.

Don’t hesitate to call One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Elk Grove at (847) 744-9447 or contact us online any time you have a problem with your heating or cooling system. Whether you just need a minor repair or a complete system replacement, we’ll take care of it quickly and effectively.

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