Nothing can compare with the ease and comfort of an air conditioning system that runs smoothly and perfectly. This is among the top reasons why homeowners and business operators have their units regularly serviced and maintained. In spite of this commendable effort, however, there comes a time when a new air conditioner will be needed to replace the old one. At One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Elk Grove, we understand that new things do not last forever. Therefore, we stand ready to meet all your heating and air conditioner upgrade needs.

Residents who enjoy Chicago air conditioning and heating comfort know how beneficial it is to have a well-functioning system. Once they begin malfunctioning in spite of routine maintenance, it’s time to consider a new installation.

Reasons Why HVAC Systems Malfunction

  • Worn or outdated parts – Generally, heat pumps last for about 10 years and AC units about 20 years. Over time, age takes a toll on parts like the compressors, air handlers, ducts, thermostats, heat pumps, evaporation coils, and condensers.
  • Incompatible parts – Failure to install parts that are compatible to the particular model could result in the unit breaking down periodically.
  • Poor installation – A poorly installed new air conditioner could become a money pit later on.
  • Cheap units – When cheap equates to poor quality, it also equals a short life span. This is one of the problems with some builders’ models.
  • Irregular or no maintenance – Buildup of dirt, dust, and debris and not servicing or changing parts when necessary are enemies to HVAC units.
  • Inexperienced technicians – A service person who is ill-equipped and unqualified may do more damage than good.

Why New Installation?

  • Better efficiency – An air conditioner upgrade can ensure maximum comfort.
  • Better life span – Newness may result in cost-effectiveness.
  • Better reliability and dependability

Chicago air conditioning needs are important to us at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® of Elk Grove. Just call (847) 744-9447 when you need air conditioning service.

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