What You Need to Know About Furnace Filters

furnace filter

Do you want to keep the air inside of your home as clean as possible and avoid the need for air duct cleaning down the line? Of course you do, and there is a very simple way to do it! You should make sure that you change your furnace filter regularly in order to keep the air that is circulating throughout your home free of contaminants. Your furnace filter is easy to replace, and it will dramatically improve your indoor air quality in Nashville when you maintain it. Here are some things you need to know about furnace filters.

There are Many Different Types of Furnace Filters

Once upon a time, there were only one or two types of furnace filters. They caught any larger dirt and debris that tried to enter your heating systems and prevented them from causing trouble. Today, there are quite a few different kinds of furnace filters. Some are designed to filter only larger items like older filters, while others have been created to keep everything except air out of your HVAC system. These types are most efficient when it comes to preventing the need for air duct cleaning later.

High-Efficiency Furnace Filters Aren’t Always Ideal

While high-efficiency furnace filters might sound like your best option, the truth is that you need to make sure you are extremely diligent when using them. They will trap everything and keep your HVAC system clean, but they can also get clogged up easily and, when they do, your furnace will be forced to work harder to run. This can result in your energy bills skyrocketing.

Not Changing Your Furnace Filter Will Lead to Problems

Regardless of which type of furnace filter you use, you need to replace your filter based on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Some of today’s filters only need to be replaced once every three months, while others need to be replaced every month. Follow the furnace maintenance instructions very closely to avoid any potential problems that can creep up when furnace filters aren’t replaced often enough.