Common Indoor Air Contaminants


While you may know about the dangers of pollutants in the environment, it may come as a surprise that the air inside your home may also be contaminated with harmful substances. When your home has poor indoor air quality , your HVAC system could become compromised. By working with a company specializing in heating and air in Nashville, you can change your furnace filters and perform other repairs that will help to boost the indoor air quality of your home. Along with HVAC service, you can help protect your indoor air quality by learning more about potential sources of pollution. Here is a closer look at some of the most common indoor air contaminants.

Biological Contaminants
Biological contaminants are among the most common sources of indoor air pollution. Some of the contaminants in this category include mold, mildew, pet dander, and bacteria. While some biological contaminants can be brought into the home from outside sources, others can be generated due to conditions inside your home. For example, excessive indoor moisture can lead to a household mold problem.

Chemical Contaminants
Chemical contaminants are another source of indoor pollution that may be lingering in the air that your breathe. These types of contaminants are divided into gases and particles. Your home may become affected by chemical contaminants due to indoor cleaning supplies, which can sometimes release harmful particles into the air. In addition, carpeting and new furniture can also be primary sources of chemical contamination in your home’s air.

Combustion Contaminants
Combustion contaminants are a serious health concern for any homeowner. When combustion contaminants are present in your indoor air, the health and safety of your household could be at rise. Combustion contaminants are defined as any by-products of heat production. This category includes carbon monoxide, which is a deadly health hazard in your home. To make sure that your household is protected from indoor air contaminants, it is a great idea to schedule service with an HVAC company near you.