Gas Furnaces 101

gas furnaces

If you are considering a gas furnace installation in Nashville , there are a few things that you should keep in mind. You will need to evaluate your furnace replacement options to determine which gas furnace is the appropriate size and has the best efficiency rating for your home’s needs. Here is a look at the factors you should consider before picking out a gas furnace for your new furnace installation.

Create a Home Zoning System

Your home may be colder or hotter in different areas due to its construction, location, damage or wear and tear to structures, and the quality of the weather-stripping on your windows and doors. This will cause your heating system to be less efficient, as it will require more energy to keep your home at a consistently comfortable temperature. A new gas furnace installation gives you the opportunity to divide your home into different zones based upon each area’s temperature inconsistencies. A separate thermostat connected to your furnace will control each of the different zones in your home.

Evaluate Your Gas Furnace’s Effect on Indoor Air Quality

Gas furnaces use a furnace blower to distribute air from your heating system throughout your home. There are additional indoor air quality systems within your heating ducts that ensure that your home gets clean air. Before your gas furnace installation, have your HVAC system technician inspect the furnace’s air ducts and air filters. They must be in perfect working condition to maintain your indoor air quality. You will need to have the ducts and filters cleaned, changed, or repaired regularly to prevent poor indoor air quality.

Seek Professional Gas Furnace Installation

You should never attempt furnace installation or furnace replacement yourself. You also shouldn’t hire anyone who isn’t a licensed, insured, and experienced HVAC system technician. Improper furnace installation can cause health and safety issues in your home, and will require you to spend more money on furnace repairs, furnace replacement, and proper furnace installation in the future. If you’re investing in a new gas furnace, you should protect your investment by seeking professional furnace installation.