Is Your Air Conditioning Ready for Summer?

Once the weather starts to heat up, it’s essential to get your air conditioning system in Nashville ready for the sweltering summer months. People flip on their air conditioning as soon as the weather warms, but sometimes find that it’s functioning poorly and are forced to endure the heat until an HVAC repair company can make it to their home. To avoid this, take care of any air conditioning repair needs early and get your air conditioning ready for summer before it gets too hot.

Change the Air Filter

A standard step in air conditioning maintenance is air filter upkeep. The filter is a unit, usually rectangular or square, that fits inside the register for the air conditioning duct. Some units are designed with disposable filters which can be purchased at your local hardware store, and others have permanent filters that require cleaning. Filters should be cleaned or replaced once per month to improve the indoor air quality of your home and to help your A/C unit work more efficiently.

Check the Indoor Ductwork

A complete air duct cleaning will need to be done by a professional because most of the ductwork is hidden inside your home’s walls and ceilings, but you can keep parts of the ducts dry and clean by removing the A/C registers and wiping away the dust and debris that you can reach. Condensation can cause moisture to build up in air ducts and lead to fungus and mold growth. If you notice any water damage while cleaning your ducts, contact an air conditioning repair professional immediately to prevent further problems.

Schedule a Professional Tune-Up

You can avoid having to endure summer days inside of a stuffy, unconditioned home by scheduling a pre-season A/C maintenance appointment. An HVAC professional will be equipped with the tools and know-how to recognize and address any problems with your air conditioning unit, and get it functioning again before summer hits. Regular maintenance will help your air conditioner run efficiently and increase its lifespan, as well as save you money.