What Is Air Duct Cleaning?


Your home’s HVAC system delivers conditioned air to your indoor spaces through a series of ducts. Since HVAC units can collect dust and dirt over time, it is a great idea to schedule air duct cleaning when you make a heating and cooling maintenance appointment. By cleaning your air ducts, you can restore the indoor air quality of your home. If a member of your family has been suffering from indoor allergies, air duct cleaning can help to alleviate their symptoms. A company offering services for HVAC in Nashville can perform a thorough air duct cleaning for your system. Here is a look at some of the basics about air duct cleaning.

How Air Duct Cleaning Works
Air duct cleaning is a term that is used to describe services that are performed to remove dust and other particles from a central HVAC system. There are many different HVAC components that must be cleaned in order to clear the air ducts. For example, your technician may clean your grilles, ducts, diffusers, and motor housing.

Reasons to Schedule Air Duct Cleaning
There are many great reasons to schedule air duct cleaning for your home. Throughout the seasons, dust, pollen, and other allergens can start to build up in the internal components of your HVAC system. With time, these allergens can begin to pollute your indoor air. When your indoor air quality is poor, you may find that your family members begin to develop allergy symptoms. With air duct cleaning, you can restore your indoor air quality to a healthy level.

Air Duct Cleaning Techniques
During an air duct cleaning service, your technician may use forced air to blow debris and other contaminants out of your HVAC system. In the event that mold or other microbes are found in your system, it may also be necessary to apply chemicals that will destroy these organisms. After your air duct cleaning has been completed, you will be able to breathe easy at home.